Legal assistance and accompaniment in procedures in Peru

  • Civil Law

    The firm advises clients in various fields of civil law, such as bonds, guarantees, liability, family law, inheritance, and establishment and regulation of associations, foundations, and committees, overseeing their institutional development and proper registration. The firm also advises on all registration and notarization needs related to these issues.

  • Constitutional Law

    Our firm provides legal advice on constitutional-rights actions, aimed at protecting the fundamental rights of individuals and institutions, such as habeas corpus and enforcement actions, which are filed before the ordinary judicial authorities and finally resolved by the Constitutional Court or, where appropriate, by the corresponding international court.

  • Contract

    Our lawyers have expertise in the negotiation, preparation, and execution of all types of civil contracts (such as sale, lease, loan, labor, supply, tenancy, surface, easement, and preliminary contracts, among others); commercial contracts (franchise, trademark license, know-how transfer, joint venture, consortium, distribution, granting, concession, sponsorship, among others), as well as secured contracts (such as mortgage, bond, security trust, and securities on movable property, among others), all of them in the private and public field. Our firm has the willingness and expertise to meet its customers' needs, whatever their position in the contractual relationship may be, and to properly protect their interests.

  • International Technical Cooperation (ITC)

    The firm provides legal counsel to Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs), Entities and Institutions of International Technical Cooperation Constituted Abroad (ENIEX), associations, foundations, and other international cooperation agencies.


    The firm supports these institutions in their establishment and legal operation in our country and helps them to carry out their activities. ITC is an important tool to help in the development of developing countries by means of various mechanisms and resources.

  • Corporate Law

    The firm has extensive experience in the field of corporate law, including incorporations, reorganizations, mergers, and liquidation of companies or subsidiaries. We also provide advice on the design and formulation of the most appropriate strategies for entering into different types of agreements involving domestic and foreign shareholders, and on the transfer and acquisition of shares and other securities.

  • Laboral Law

    Our firm also provides advice on various areas related to labor law by developing and negotiating various employment contracts, either customary or subject to special terms. We also participate in various proceedings before the Administrative Authority of Labor regarding labor inspections and complaints about payment of social benefits and involuntary dismissal.


    Additionally, we provide comprehensive legal counsel specialized in the design and implementation of the various labor regimes, based on the staff recruited. We intervene in proceedings before the Oficina de Normalización Previsional (ONP), the public pension entity in Peru, regarding the acknowledgement of pension rights.

  • Litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution

    The firm's litigation department is organized to meet the requirements of a wide range of types of litigation. It covers all types of civil cases, including debt collection, warranty execution, contractual disputes of any nature, and family-related issues. Our firm also provides advice on the process of compensation for contractual or extra-contractual damages. Additionally, our firm encourages the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration, negotiation, and mediation, handled by attorneys specialized in this field and by officially recognized mediators.

  • Property Formalization Programs

    Another field of specialization in our firm relates to programs for formalizing real estate and business assets, providing advice to governments, government agencies, multilateral lending institutions, and private agencies. Counseling includes a diagnosis of the existing situation of informality in a given country or region and the design of an institutional and legal reform, which includes preparing the necessary laws or regulations to implement the reform and its corresponding legal support, as well as the reengineering and/or creation of new institutions in charge of the reform and training of its staff.

  • Intellectual Property Law

    Our firm provides permanent legal advice in the area of intellectual property by supporting the protection and registration of distinctive signs, such as trademarks, trade names, and slogans, as well as copyrights and patents, in order for clients to obtain an adequate recognition and protection of their intangible assets.

  • Social Responsibility

    To complement the advice it offers on International Technical Cooperation, the firm also provides legal advice on the subject of corporate social responsibility. The firm offers comprehensive advice for different social responsibility projects and/or activities of interested businesses, thus offering a legal framework for this area of business.

  • Tax Law

    The tax department is committed to providing advice on a wide range of tax incidences generated by transactions, investments, and other operations. Additionally, our advisors help our clients to minimize tax liabilities by developing a tax plan tailored to best suit their needs and aimed at adopting commercial mechanisms that generate greater economic profits while lowering tax liabilities. The firm has lawyers specialized in different areas of tax law, including special tax and customs laws, as well as litigation and dispute management and follow-up before the relevant tax authorities.

  • Urban Planning and Real Estate Law

    Our firm has outstanding attorneys specialized in various property-related issues, such as land-use planning, zoning, urban development, environmental protection regulation, design and legal management of urban renewal projects, title examination (title reports), management of legal procedures for all kinds of construction projects, preparation of building codes, application of procedures for consolidation or division of lots, property title clearance, regulation of buildings (building inspection and occupancy permits, and owners association bylaws, among others), and management of legal procedures involved in property regulation (adverse possession, supplementary title, area and boundary rectification, among others). Our lawyers also offer advice in the privatization process of public enterprises (especially on property title clearance of real estate assets and their transfer procedures).



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